Animated Gif Retrieval with Alfred

An essential part of my daily workflow is quick and easy access to animated GIFs, so I can be ready with a timely and hilarious reaction to any communication with my colleagues. Alfred and Dropbox make this a breeze.

If you don’t already use Alfred, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s one of my most essential apps, and its real value lies in the upgrade to the Powerpack, which allows you to write custom actions called workflows to automate tasks, triggered by a keyword or command.

The fine folks at Destroy Today wrote a handy Alfred workflow that searches the GIFs in your Dropbox public folder and copies the URL to your clipboard.

I decided to modify the workflow a bit, because I organize my GIFs into subdirectories in my public folder. I also wanted to make sure to encode spaces in the URL, because some of my GIF categories have multiple words, like “Table Flip.”

Download my Alfred workflow

May your coworkers be amazed at your lightning fast GIF reaction skills!

Table Flipping